February 1, 2009


Drinks for a hot day, originally uploaded by lynley.clark.

When all else fails go to the pub! The air conditioner works a treat and the drinks are cold.


Heat wave 09, originally uploaded by lynley.clark.

Heat wave 09 continues. Should I be happy that we have managed to equal a record of the most consecutive days over 40 degrees. I can tell you I'm looking forward to winter.


40 odd degrees again, originally uploaded by lynley.clark.

As the headwave continues in Adelaide, the hospitals fill up, the rail system can't cope with buckling tracks and the electrical infrastructure struggles to deal with the requirements of the state.


Oh dear. Another hot day and stuck in a traffic jam. Not the best situation to be in, although it could be worse, I could be in a non airconditioned car!

January 26, 2009


The pav!, originally uploaded by lynley.clark.

This is a photo of my mum's special pavlova. I 'commissioned' it for a special occassion over the recent Australia day weekend. Yes I know I'm a bit behind with this photo challenge. Anyway this is a desert Australians have called their own creation and it has become a cultural tradion. New Zealanders would argue that they were the first to create it and we 'Australians' stole it from them.

January 24, 2009


Penny or rose?, originally uploaded by lynley.clark.

All my Nephew wanted for his 13th birthday was some chickens. My parents happily helped him with his dream and went shopping for chickens. My brother has been overheard saying that it will be Mum and Dads responsibility to be chook sitters when they want to go away. You see it is getting to be a bit of a problem. They have a dog, a cockatiel, 2 horses, rabbits and now chooks.

Penny or is this Rose looks quite happy and apparently is already laying eggs!

January 21, 2009


Rose, originally uploaded by lynley.clark.

This beautiful standard rose has a very compact flower and is called (I think) Pierre de Ronsard. It is a 2 ft standard rose that stands just outside my front door. Taken again using a Canon Digital SLR camera.