January 16, 2009


Arson, originally uploaded by lynley.clark.

I have lived in our suburb for the best part of 20 years and have always felt that it was rather like a big country town. You can go to the local shops and run into people that you know through sport or school and always find someone to have a chat too. 20 years ago it was a new area. Young married couples, who having bought a block of land, built their homes and had families. Now as those families have grown, something sinister seems to have started happening around us. Graffiti has become so common and vandalisim of cars etc., has increased. Just recently however the annoying anti social behaviour has become more dangerous. We now have someone amongst us starting fires. Not just grass fires anymore, but cars and now homes.

I surpose I'm not alone in wondering why anyone would enjoy creating such damage to another persons belongings. The mind boggles with the lack of empathy that these people have.

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